Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A Glimpse of The Future: A'Legions Men's Shirts

We spent 2 days looking round all the menswear brands and designers, including in Harvey Nichols, Harrods and the other department stores last week only to be satisfied that we are going in the right direction. It's true that if you look hard enough around the whole of the high street you can find the odd piece you might add to your collection or treat yourself to. But that's the problem - Who has the time to do that? Not many I would think… We need to give guys a place they can go to, confident they will find something they want for that occasion or just to dress up a bit... When you want to feel a little special!

The collection is coming together, the challenge, like so many others, is to provide choice and a desirable product. The promotional photos are coming soon, but thought I might give a glimpse of the future and show you a design we are currently working on, right now, to possibly add to the range for our launch. This design is part of our "Military" inspired options. The features include the epaulets with our logo in gold embroidery on the left shoulder and A'legions word on the right, a Swarovski button on the collar at the back, and cuffs with a fabric insert and the sleeve placket again with A'legions wording on the inside. The challenge is to show that this is inspired by our "Military" theme and look smart without it looking like an actual uniform.

The design diagram is shown below and I would welcome any observations as the important thing is for you to like the design, not just us.

I have some ideas for further blogs including 1) What's out there for men - how to find what you want the modern way. 2) What happens in production - a fascinating look at what actually happens in the production process 3) Sizing - how things are changing and why!

Any comments on what you would like information on, or what you would find interesting would be much appreciated.
Ttfn Mike Woodall