Monday, 6 October 2014

A’Legions Men’s Smart Shirts

Shirts. What’s out there for men????

Following our previous blog post, we have decided to put the shirt design shown last time into prototyping – hooray!!!! Next stage is to see the made up sample.

Here is another prototype that we have had made up and we have asked friends, family and contacts for their feedback. It’s been great because we have had polar opposites - seems you they either “love it” or “hate it” - good! We are on the right lines then - or are we??? Once again, we would welcome feedback from you.

If you have been following us on Twitter, you will have seen some of the men's fashion out there from our various links. We are seeing more of the type of design we consider pretty standard for us which is adding interest with different fabrics on the inside collar stand. This attention to detail has more appeal, making our shirts more individual so that the wearer feels special. A'legions shirts are designed to look good without a tie, which is one of our mantras. Not that you can’t wear a tie, but the shirt doesn’t need it – it is much more interesting and comfortable to wear without one. More importantly, if you're not wearing a tie, there is no way to “spill egg down it” which is very embarrassing and usually involves throwing the tie away.

The latest news is that we have added a floral accent shirt to the range and are prototyping this at the moment. Below is a design pack picture and we would truly welcome your comments. It’s an aubergine colour with an “aubergine floral print” accent. The challenge when designing this is to make it appeal to men who want to dress up, not down - and not anything like a “Hawaiian Shirt” which is entirely different or maybe not…

TAFN - Alexander