Friday, 30 January 2015

How do Designs come to life for A’Legions Shirts?

Designs are infinite!

We are surrounded by designs and colour, be it nature, natural, or man-made. Just stop for a moment in time…. the blink of an eye…. a fraction of a second….. and see. I mean really look! Then absorb and process the information using the best computer ever created - the one between your ears. It is truly amazing what can be captured by looking.

Try it…..go on try!! For example, when you’re at home, in an office or place of work, outside ... use your eyes take a snap shot!! Now use your brain to decipher the information into just these categories:
  • How many different shapes are there? Could be round, square, odd shaped, 3D, large and small of the same shape, mixed together, standalone – so many variations.
  • How many different colours can you see in that snap shot – rainbow colours, then colour variances, shades of those colours, how does the light affect the colours? See the combinations and contrasts - probably loads. For example, describe the colour blue. What is blue? See what I mean?

Is there a theme coming through? What or who has influenced the layout of what you see? Add to this different culture, architecture, places, food, texture, print, numbers, etc. etc. etc.

An A’Legions “Blink of an Eye”!!

A'Legions swatches & accessories
Interesting? The answer = “Vision” or what you see, processing/deciphering, trying and then selecting what you feel people would like.

From the feedback so far looks like we are on the right lines. Thanks readers for your support!!!