Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pre Launch Photo Shoot for A'Legions Shirts

BREAKING NEWS: A’Legions 1st Product Photoshoot.

Exciting News!!! Our first photo shoot finally took place on the 21st of March. And believe me, it really has been a rollercoaster trying to make everything fit together; co-ordinating photographers, model, studio, hair and make-up artist, and, of course… us… We had to re-schedule a few times due to the shirts not being ready. In fact, it was so last minute that we had to wait at the factory in Portugal on Friday afternoon for the last remaining shirts to be finished, which were ready just before 4pm, then catch the flight to London at 5:40pm. Anyway, we made it… just!

The Product Photo Shoot After a nail biting and exhausting few days, the day of the photo shoot finally arrived and we made our way first thing in the morning to the studio in East London, shirts in tow, ready for action. Only to find out that the model was actually running about an hour late. This gave us an excuse to get some breakfast in for the crew. Coffees and pastries all round then!!

We were so excited to assist a fashion photo shoot; these are the fun parts of the business, well, at least for us… It was awesome seeing our beautiful smart shirts in a real model and being paraded like in a catwalk show.

Miguel put on the first shirt, we pumped up the volume literally with some music and away we went. Ibraheem, the Creative Director, gave instructions to Miguel and the photographer and the clicking began to sing. There was great attention to detail including lighting, angles, and lenses. The Make-Up Artist would pamper Miguel from time to time by retouching his make up between shots and shirt changes.

With the mixture of very creative people, the music, and of course, our very smart shirts being photographed, the atmosphere was fantastic, in fact exhilarating!!! True to our company values we also found time to laugh as well. We took some video using my mobile phone as a memento I will share with you in our next post, which shows film directors out there are under no threat from me!!

We eventually finished at 7.30pm! We got home at 10pm after a long hard day with our feet killing us, but, having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Everything being “lastminute.com”, the worry, and the stress of the day before, eventually gave way to a feeling of job satisfaction.

One word to sum up “Phew!!!" What a 48 hours ………. stressful but worth every minute!!!

….and just a couple of examples of the final result.