Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The wait is finally over...

It's official - A'legions Elite Menswear has now launched!!

A'legions elite menswear


Our mission – to inject a new sense of style and individuality to men’s shirts and to provide the customer with a painless, pleasant and different online buying experience.

A'legions Elite Menswear is now online and ready to take on the menswear market by storm.  Our message is clear; you don’t need to wear a tie to look smart or professional, and you now have greater design choice allowing you to express your own sense of style.


We provide a variety of styles and colours

We all know that in a fast paced modern day living, time and inclination to shop is not always top priority, especially for professional men. However, men’s fashion is an industry that has been developing over the last few years and now almost rivals its prolific female counterpart.  Men like to dress well and look stylish and they’re not afraid to do it! But with a busy and demanding lifestyle, simplicity and ease of shopping is key.

At A'legions we want our customers to look smart and sophisticated even without the traditional accessories like ties and cufflinks. The use of Swarovski crystal buttons, and other elements, gives an understated sparkle and elegance, whilst the ready-to-wear double cuff solution, takes away the “faff” of a traditional double cuff, and the teaser “peel and reveal” corner cuffs offer a cheeky insight into what’s on the inside.

Ready-to-wear double cuff

"Peel 'n Reveal" cuff

Swarovski Crystal details

These are just some of the innovative details you can find in an A’legions shirt.

So, whether you’re networking at a cocktail event, walking down the red carpet or simply relaxing at an up-market restaurant, we provide luxury, ready-to-wear shirts that will enable you to look good with minimum effort.

With this in mind, we decided to create a great shopping experience on our website, which is both visually appealing and easy to use. The imagery used was carefully planned in order to display our shirts in a clear and interesting way, which you don’t normally see on other retail websites.

Fresh approach to the way shirts are displayed

We didn’t just want to display a folded shirt, we wanted the customer to be able to visualise how the shirt would look like on a real model, as well as without the model, so that details, like the inside collar, can also be seen. Extra detail close-up shots and the zoom facility provide the customer with the full spec of the shirts. It’s as if you can almost feel the luxurious fabrics through the screen.

With ease and comfort at the forefront of our brand’s ethos, and because we know how little men in general enjoy shopping, we have made the process on alegions.com as straight forward as possible, so no more excuses guys!! We’ve even included free next day delivery on all orders made before 3pm (Monday to Thursday).

The Hilton

The Athens

With designs aimed at providing choice for different looks and different tastes, A’legions model is about providing the gents in the modern era with one place where they can find exclusive luxury style, but just as importantly – shirts that are different!